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Poker Met - Poker is a mind Sport. #ThursdayThoughts ... Poker is a mind Sport. #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayAesthetic #Thursday #PerfectMatch #pokerlife #pokermania #Champion #ThoughtForTheDay #qoutes... Amin Rozani: Poker is a Mind Sport - Gutshot Magazine Amin Rozani, Managing Director of The Spartan Poker shared with us his thoughts on why this game we all love is a mind sport above all else. Many people consider poker as a game of luck. Poker Like Chess Is A Mind Sport - Curious about Poker? Witness the game of mind skills in a whole new avatar of Team Sport! Catch all the Poker Sports League season 2 action on DSport India from 12-17th June 2018. Poker officially accepted as mind sport — RT World News

The International Federation of Match Poker (IFMP) is a non-profit organization whose stated purpose is to "serve as the global governing body for Match Poker". IFMP is incorporated as a legal entity pursuant to articles 60 to 79 of the Swiss Civil Code and is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Poker is getting a new lease of life in India as a skill ... Poker is a mind game that is being embraced by Indians as a viable, and lucrative, profession now. Playing cards has been a popular hobby and somewhat of a tradition in India. But only in recent years has poker emerged from the shadow of gambling. It is now being recognised as a game, a sport that requires a specific

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Etymology. The first major use of the term was as a result of the Mind Sports Olympiad in 1997. The phrase had been used prior to this event such as backgammon being described as a mind sport by Tony Buzan in 1996; Tony Buzan was also a co-founder of the Mind Sports Olympiad. Bodies such as the World Memory Sports Council use the term retrospectively.. It is a term that became fixed from games ...

Competition for Mind Sports dominance is fierce at casinos and with the World Series of Poker (WSOP) which is professional gambling for money morphedSports Techie, you can join the Vavel beta tournaments and hourly leagues beta testing as a free membership to get some hands-on Poker... "Indian Federation for the Mind Sport of Poker" is born They are working towards getting poker accepted as a game skill and a mind sport in the minds of Indians. Most people who don’t play poker willThe International Federation of Poker is the global governing body for the sport of poker worldwide. They are doing very commendable work to change...